New West Lochaber genealogical database planned

Posted on Mar 7, 2012

Organisers said they hoped that a number of major archives would also make available their records.

The database would focus on the thousands of people who left the area on emigrant ships, including the Hector, Lovely Nelly and Dove.

Organisers of Arisaig's Highland games are behind the project.

A meeting to launch it and gather ideas and contributions will be held in Astley Hall, in Arisaig, on 23 November.

Arisaig Games said the proposed new West Lochaber's Family Research Database could feature family trees put together by members of the public.

The project is part of preparations for West Lochaber homecoming event, An Tilleadh 2014 - Taobh an lar Lochabair.

People moved off land during the Highland Clearances were among passengers on the emigrant ships, whose destinations included Canada.

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